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Benefit Panel on

Systems Engineering in

Central and East European countries

presented at


- Open Microprocessor Initiative Sixth Annual Conference

Berlin, 23-25 Sept. 1996

Moderator and organizer: Adam Pawlak

Objectives of the panel, Adam Pawlak, IRESTE/Univ. of Nantes, France

Questions on CEE industry
Questions on design methodologies

The current state and trends of the system engineering in Slovakia, Vladimir Ac, TESLA Piestany, Slovakia

Status of Electronic Industry in Hungary, Zoltan Katona, KFKI Research Institute for Measurement and Computing Techniques, Budapest, Hungary

The Current State and Perspectives of the Microprocessor Based Technologies in Ukraine, Anatoly Melnyk, Lviv Polytechnic, Ukraine, and H. Eichele, Georg-Simon-Ohm-Fachhochschule Nürnberg, Nürnberg, Germany

Electronic System Design in Poland - an Overview, Wojciech Sakowski, Institute of Electronics, Silesian Technical University, Gliwice, Poland

System and Microprocessor based engineering in Russia, A Sukhoparov, Angstrem, Zelenograd, Russia

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