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BENEFIT Events 1997-1995

Marks an event organised by the BENEFIT consortium.

Denotes BENEFIT sponsored event.

Events in 1997:

BENEFIT Panel - Collaborative engineering based on Web
Panel at EMMSEC 97, European Multimedia, Microprocessor Systems and Electronic Commerce, New technology - new business, Conference and Exhibition, Florence, Italy, 3-5 November 1997.

Workshop on
Signal Processing and Multimedia Technology
with Special Day on
Pan-European Co-operation and Technology Transfer
27-30 October 1997, Budapest, Hungary

Summer School on
Neural Networks Application to Signal Processing
Poland, Kule near Czestochowa, 14-18 October1997

Events in 1996:

Workshop for the
Preparation and Concertation of Pan-European Cooperation Projects
St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia, 18-19 and 22 January 1996

Summer School on
Standards in Electronic Design Automation,
Prague, 8-13 July 1996

Workshop on
Networking and Information Services in Central and East European Countries
Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, 8-11 July 1996

Benefit Panel on
Systems Engineering in Central and East European countries,
EMSYS'96, - Open Microprocessor Initiative
Sixth Annual Conference, Berlin, 23-25 September 1996

Workshop on
Design Methodologies for Signal Processing

with Special Session on
Pan-European Co-operation and Technology Transfer
Zakopane, Poland, 28-30 August 1996

Summer School on
Wavelets and Signal Processing
Zakopane, Poland, 1-3 September 1996

Events in 1995:

Workshop on
Design Methodologies for Microelectronics
Smolenice castle, Slovakia, September 11-13, 1995

Special Days on pan-European Co-operation and Technology Transfer
Smolenice castle, Slovakia & Vienna, Austria, September 14-15, 1995

Workshop on
Special Session on : European Cooperation in Science, Technology and Education
Jurmala (Riga), LATVIA, September 19-22, 1995

Summer school on
Zakopane, Poland, September 27-30, 1995

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