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The Ministry of Science & The Ministry of Higher Education, Russia
invites for

Workshop for the
Preparation and Concertation of Pan-European Cooperation Projects
on January 18th, 19th and 22nd 1996

organized by
St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University, Russia

kindly supported by

PARSYTEC GMBH Germany, Parsytec St. Petersburg ,
COIN Inst. for Computer Integrated Systems GMBH


Based on the deadlines and calls in early 1995 for the Communication Technology, Information Technology and related International Cooperation Programme of the European Union, the organizers of this workshop are kindly inviting partners from the West and the East to take part in an open forum for the discussion and preparation of pan-European RTD projects and proposals.

The objective of the workshop is to discuss, define and review project plans with regard to the respective evaluation criteria and standard project description/presentation techniques used in the programmes mentioned above.

Technical experts and expierienced project managers from Western companies and research institutes will go into concrete planning steps for joint projects with Eastern partners.

The workshop is open for all consortia but should mainly be used for concrete project discussions. It should not only be understood as a general information event.

(Western partners are expected to become sponsors of the workshop for details please contact organizers.)


1st day, Thursday January 18th, 1996

11:00 Welcome, Rector of St. Petersburg`s State Electrotechnical University, 
      Prof. D.Sc. O. Alexeev 
11:15 The Research Policy of the European Community-4th Framework Programme, 
      CEC (tentative)
11:45 BENEFIT: Project and Information Distribution Network,
      A. Jordan
12:00 -INCO, INTAS 
      -ACTS Repair Call (extension of projects and trails) 
      Measures, Contents and Deadlines
13:15 Lunch
14:15 Short Presentation of Participants / Project Interests
15:00 Consultations in Working Groups on projects proposed
      by participants 
      -objectives, technical and administrative details, time
       schedule, workplan, management
18:30 End of first day

2nd day, Friday January 19th, 1996

 9:30 Special Session: Management of Collaborative EU-Projects
      (preparation of Proposals: Evaluation criteria, accounting and
      A. Jordan, Parsytec
10:30 Continuation of WGs 
13:30 Lunch
14:30 General Presentation of Workgroup Leaders 
      - Clarification of Open Questions, Discussion consultation results
15:45 Summary 
16:00 End of the Workshop 

Monday January 22nd, 1996

11:00 Welcome 
      Official of the Ministry of Sceince and Technical Policy, Russia 
11:15 The Research Policy of the EU- 4th Framework Programme,
      The Representative of the GD XIII, EU (tentative)
11:45 BENEFIT: Project and Information Distribution Network,
      A. Jordan, Parsytec 
12:00 Special Session: Management of Collaborative EU-Projects
      (preparation of proposals: evaluation criteria, accounting and
      A. Jordan, Parsytec 
13:00 Lunch 
14:00 Consultations in 2 Working Groups: 
      1st Group: Proposals of Projects in the Field of Application of 
          High Performance Parallel Computing Systems 
      2nd Group: Telecommunications and Scientific Networks 
18:00 Summary of the Workshop 
      Official of the Ministry of Science and Technical Policy, Russia

Further Information:

Parsytec Germany,
Anno Jordan, Tel: +49 241 8889-0, Fax: +49 241 8889-50
email: jordan@parsytec.de

Parsytec St. Petersburg,
Dietrich Thess, Tel/Fax: +7 812 2340595
e-mail: 100566.1702@compuserve.com 100566.1702@compuserve.com