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Workshop on Digital Metodologies, Technologies and Applications for Multimedia and Signal Processing


Budapest, 27-28 October 1997

Istvan ERENYI:

The field of multimedia and signal processing has rapidly grown during the past decade with increasing use in myriad applications. The main aim of this workshop is to bring together people from research, industry, business, government and academia who are interested in the fields of multimedia and signal processing.

The workshop will have two main activities:

The topics of the workshop include but are not limited to:


Estimation and prediction



Chairmen: I. Erenyi, KFKI-Research Institute for Computer and Measurement

Techniques (KFKI-MSzKI)

K. Fazekas, Technical University of Budapest (BME-MHT)


Chairman: F. Vajda, KFKI-MSzKI

Members: V. Cappellini, Univiversity of Firenze, Italy

M. Domanski, Politechnica Poznanska, Poland

T. Grabowiecki, Silesian Technical University, Gliwicze, Poland

E. Gramatova, Inst. of Computer Systems, Bratislava, Slovakia

A. Jordan, Parsytec Computer GmbH, Germany

K. Judmann, Technical University, Wien, Austria

J. Lukacs, KFKI Res. Inst. for Measurements and Computing, Hungary

I. Maradi, WESTEL 95O, Hungary

V. Mikhov, Moscow Inst. of Electrical Engineering, Russia

A. Nunez, University of Las Palmas, Spain

G. Nyaradi, HIF Budapest, Hungary

A. Pawlak, ARTEMIS/IMAG, Grenoble, France

R. Pleger, National Point of Contact EU Research Programmes, Germany

P. Podradsky, Technical University, Bratislava, Slovakia

T. Pollet, ALCATEL Antwerp, Belgium

M.G. Sami, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

M. Serwit, Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic

K. Skala, Inst. "Ruder Boskovic" Zagreb, Croatia

S. Stefler, MATAV PKI Development Institute, Hungary

P. Tatai, Technical University, Budapest, Hungary

J. Tasic, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

M. Taylor, University of Liverpool, U.K.

J. Turan, Technical University, Kosice, Slovakia

A. Vlaicu, Technical University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania