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Workshop on

Networking and Information Services in Central and East European Countries

Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, 8-11 July 1996

The workshop programme will cover networking activites and teh gneral state of networking in the CEE Countries. Participants will, in particular, examine the results of the ESATT project in the field of communications technologies (ACTS, RACE) and the improvement of the network services attained through its implementation.

Benefit will be represented by two papers given by the Russian Contact Point (BCP):


Monday, July 8

10:00           Opening session
10:30           International Cooperation in the Field of Information
                Society: The Initiatives of the EU
                Rudolf Meijer, European Commission
11:15           Information Infrastructure in CEE - a Key to European
                Michael May, Fachhochschule f+r Technik und
12:00           Ebone and European Internet
                Peter Rastl, ACOnet

12:30           Lunch Break

14:00           Network of Regional Information Centres
                Thomas Reiche, IIEF Institut f+r Informatic in Entwurf
                und Fertigung zu Berlin GmbH
14:30           Advanced Multimedia Services for Residential Users
                G. Gallassi, Italtel,
                Theodoros Zahariadis, George Stassinopoulos,
                National Technical University of Athens
15:00           Awareness Events in Hungary
                Peter Hanak, TU Budapest

15:30           Coffee Break

16:00           WWW interfaces to databases
                Katalin Molnar, IQSOFT Intelligent Software Co. Ltd.
16:30           GR-NET: The Greek Academic Network. New
                Possibilities and Challenges
                Theodore K. Apostolopoulos,
                Athens University of Economics and Business
                Department of Informatics,
                Xanthi E. Psiakki, GR-Net Responsible,
                General Secretariat for R&T, Department of Informatics
17:00           The Bulgarian Academic Network
                Kiril Boyanov, Christo Tourlakov,
                Alexander Simeonov,Miroslav Iliev,
                Iavor Boyadjiev, Georgi Genchev,
                Laboratory for Parallel and Distributed Processing -
                Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

19:00           Get-together party

Tuesday, July 9

 9:00           Romanian Information Society - a Reality at the Horizon
                Iulian Popa, Dana Trifanescu, Delia Chiricescu,
                Rodica  Ciocea, Ana-Maria Borozan,
                Research Institute for Informatics,Bucharest
 9:30           Oliver Popov
                Sts. Cyril and Metodius University, Skopje
10:00           BENEFIT Project - its Mission for Eastern European
                Valery Mikhov, Institute of Operating Systems, MSIEE,
                Zelenograd, Moscow,
                Roland Pleger, DLR, Project Management Division,

10:30           Coffee Break

11:00           AUBG Internet System. A Model for University Internet
                Krassimir Simonsky, American University in Bulgaria
11:30           Internet in Belarus: Status and Perspectives
                Andrey Ivanov,Open Contact Ltd., Sergei Kritsky,
                Belarussian University of  Informatics and
                Radioelectronics, Vasily Pytlyak,
                Belarussian State University
12:00           Recent Developments of  Computer Networks in Albania
                Neki Frasheri, Gudar Beqiraj, Serzh Qesteri,  Ali Nonaj,

12:30           Lunch

14:00           Future Multimedia Applications and their Impact and
                ATM Transfer Systems
                Raschid Karabek
14:30           R&D Computer Network in the Academy of Sciences of
                Mikhail Mahaniok, S.Aneichik, Informational Processing
                        Center, Academy of Sciences of Belarus
15:00           Overview of ESATT Activities in Hungary
                Balint Domolki, IQSOFT Intelligent Software Co.,Ltd.

15:30           Coffee Break

16:00           Academic and Research Networking and Services
                in Ukraine
                Alexander Saban, UARNet Project/Institute for
                Condensed Matter Physics and Lviv Medical University
16:30           R&D Networking in Romania
                Eugenie Staicut, George Macri, Ion Dumitrascu,
                Emil Stanescu, Research Institute for Informatics
17:00           SANET - Slovak Academic NETwork
                Tibor Weis, Technical University in Zvolen

18:00           Discussion

Wednesday, July 10

 9:00           ESATT Contribution to Development of Information
                Market in Poland
                Krzysztof Szkatula,  Jaroslaw Sikorski,
                Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of Science
 9:30           Information Services for SMEs
                Imre Marko
10:00           Internet Club at the Budapest Technical University
                Andras Velvart

10:30           Coffee Break

11:00           Information  Services  and Networking in the Czech
                Republic, Vaclav Sochor, A.I.S.T
11:30           Culture Heritage Multimedia Presentation in Internet
                K. Juskevicius, E. Ozeraitis, L. Telksnys, A. Valiulis
                UNESCO Chair in Informatics for the Humanities at the
                Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
12:00           Network and Information Management of European
                Experimental ATM Platforms Using WWW
                Kostas Kavidopoulos, N. Mitrou, V. Baltatzis, V. Nellas
                National Technical University of Athens

12:30           Lunch

14:00           High Speed Networking up to the End User
                Theodore K. Apostolopoulos,
                Athens University of Economics and Business
                Department of Informatics,
                Xanthi E. Psiakki , GR-Net Responsible,General
                Secretariat for R&T, Department of Informatics
14:30           High Performance ATM Terminals Incorporating
                Signaling Functionality to Support Multimedia Services
                D. Makris, D. Manikis, T. Kotaras, G. Tselikis,
                G.E. Konstantoulakis, G.I. Stassinopoulos,
                National Technical University of Athens
15:00           Aloha-Type Multiwavelength Control Protocols for Very
                High Speed Optical Fiber Networks
                Ioannis E. Pountourakis, National Technical University
                of Athens

15:30           Coffee Break

16:00           Multimedia Application Interface Toolkit Specification:
                MAITS project
                Iain Urquhart, Lindsey Barker,
                Christos Georgopoulos, NTUA Telecom Lab,
                M. Anagnostou
16:30           NETWORK Project: Contact Point Strategy
                for Eastern Europe
                Elena Vershinina , Valery Mikhov,
                Institute of Operating Systems, MSIEE, Moscow
17:00           The Electronic Publishing: A New WWW Technology
                Based on News Semantics
                Cristian Ionitoiu, Paul Pop, Remus Miclea,
                Computer Science Department, Politehnica University
                of Timisoara

Thursday, July 11

 9:00           Building the Educational and Research Network
                Marko Bonac, ARNES
 9:30           Internet in Bulgaria:  the Difficult Birth of a New
                Sociotechnical Network
                Ivan Tchalakov, Svetla Koleva - Institute of Sociology,
                Miroslav Iliev, LPDP-BAS,
                Luybomir Blagoev - USW
10:00           The EU TEMPUS JEP+ project "Establishment of a
                Computerized Information Network for the Bulgarian
                Higher Education Institutionsoe
                Ivan Ivanov , University Computer Centre,
                Sofia University,
                Larisa Ljubenova, University Computer Centre,
                Technical University - Sofia,
                S. Mounchaud, INSA -Rennes,
                Valeri Dikljovski, University Computer Centre,
                University of National and World Economy

10:30           Coffee Break

11:00           The Sofia University Computer Network -
                Methodology,Topology and Services
                B. Ignatov, E. Stefanova, University Computer Centre,
                Sofia University,
                Jordan Denev, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics,
                        Sofia University
11:30           The Sofia University Computer Network - Administration,
                Training and Management of a Corporate Network
                Andrejana  Shojkova, Ivan Ivanov, Vladislav Chernev,
                University Computer Centre, Sofia University
12:00           Backbone Network of the Technical University - a Stage
                of the Integration of the University to Internet
                Feb Pavlov, Luka Lukov, Jordanka Tzvetkova

12:30           Lunch

14:00           Teamwork in Internet
                Petko Ruskov, Alma Prahova, University for National
                and World Economy, Sofia
14:30           Adaptive User Interface for Telematics Information
                R. Rojas, University of Halle,
                A. Nikov, Technical University of Sofia,
                S. Delichev, Bulgarian Parliament
15:00           Academic Network in Technical University-Branch
                Plovdiv - Establishment, Problems, Future Plans
                Ognian Obretenov, Grisha Spassov,
                Technical University-Plovdiv,
                John Butler, Edinburgh University
                Galidia Petrova, Technical University-Plovdiv

15:30           Coffee Break

16:00           Cyrillization  of OpenWindows  for Sun systems
                Iavor Boyadjiev, Christo Tourlakov, Kiril Boyanov,
                Laboratory for Parallel and Distributed Processing -
                Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
16:30           Universal E-mail Messaging Interface
                Stancho Stanchev, Marieta Simeonova, Georgi Emilov,
                Luben Boyanov, Alexander Simeonov,
                Laboratory for Parallel and Distributed Processing
                Bulgarian Academy of Science

17:00           Closing Session


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