2: Structure of the Hungarian System | Evolution of Technology Policy | Changing Industrial Strategies | Technology, Productivity and Job creation

3: Growing need for co-operation | Companies R&D activity by the number of employees | Multilateral S&T relations | Hungarian bilateral inter-government S&T co-operation

4: Bilateral Intergovernmental S&T Agreements | KMUFA in Nominal and Real Terms | Technology Development Funding Schemes | Who are the beneficiaries ? KMUFA, 1996

5: CEC Participation in the EU FP4 | CEECs Participation in EU FP4, 1995-96 | TEN-34 | Multimedia access to Europe's Cultural Heritage

6: Objectives - Hungarian FP4 funding scheme | National funding of Hungarian participation in the 1st activity of the EU FP4

7: Towards the Information Society in the CEEC - Ideas for European Initiatives | Revenues of Multimedia Industry in 1994

8: Funding share by Hungarian counties | Applications by domains | Who are the applicants ?