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P.O. Box 174, ul. 1-go Maja 8
43-300 Bielsko-Biala, POLAND

This report covers information concerning a trade and technical profile of Evatronix Co. Ltd.
Evatronix Co. Ltd is a privately owned company located in Bielsko-Bia³a, Poland.

The company was established by a group of people interested in modern design methodologies. The longterm goal of the company is:

To develop Electronic Design Automation tools.

However, having no financial resources to support any development effort, the company had to start trade activities to earn money. The following mission was defined for this purpose:

To provide the enterprises in the region of Bielsko-Biala with CAD systems (hardware and software) and related services (training, plotting, scanning and vectorization of technical drawings).

Recently this trade activity was extended with EDA tools offered to the country-wide market. As this market is still narrow and hardly aware of modern design methodologies the following mission statement was added:

To promote on the Polish market modern design and implementation methods in the area of electronics.

Trade profile

Product line:

Evatronix is an Authorized Autodesk Dealer. In addition to AutoCAD and other Autodesk software we offer a broad range of AutoCAD-based tools for mechanical engineering, architecture and civil engineering and electrical engineering. We sell also DTP applications (e.g. Pagemaker).

Together with software we offer a broad choice of peripherals for CAD/DTP systems like digitizers, plotters, big screen monitors and graphic accelarators, scanners and laser printers. Finally we offer a full range of PC computers with different price/performance/quality characteristics. Our philosophy is to help each customer to set up a CAD workplace best suited for his (her) needs and within his (her) financial means.

In the area of EDA tools we offer "classical" schematic capture and pcb design software, PLD/FPGA design tools and VHDL-based design tools (for simulation and synthesis).

Customer base:

Among our customers one can find:

· small private design offices and printing shops

· medium sized enterprizes (100-1,000 employees)

· technical universities

and the largest enterprises in Podbeskidzie region like:

· APENA (high power electrical switches)

· Ponar Andrychow (machine tools)

· FIAT Auto Poland (largest car factory in Poland, located in Bielsko).

EDA tool development

VHDL Modeler's Sidekick

VHDL Modeler's Sidekick is a graphical environment supporting both high level design methodology for creating VHDL specifications. A prototype of this tool was presented at EuroDAC'94 in Grenoble. Due to lack of external financing the development of the tool was slower than forseen. During Industrial Day in Vienna the BETA version will be presented. The Sidekick integrates the following set of tools:

· Hierarchical block diagram editor,

· Truth table and state/transition table editor,

· State diagram editor,

· Text editor with syntax highlighting ,

· Waveform editor for stimuli definition,

· Extensive help system.

Hierarchical block diagram editor

The block diagram editor is a key element of the VHDL Modeler's Sidekick as it manages the design hierarchy and supports the top-down design process.

Truth table and state/transition table editor

The truth table editor enables designer to define a specification of any combinational function in a form of a truth table. With the similar user interface a state/transition tables might be built as specifications of finite state machines. Both conditions and output actions may be expressed not only as binary vectors but as complex conditions or assignments written in accordance with VHDL syntax.

State diagram editor

State diagram editor enables user to specify finite state machine behavior by drawing an appropriate state diagram. User annotates transitions with condition expressions and states with state labels. Output actions may be bound to states or to transitions (Moore or Meally actions). The data structure representing fsm is the same as used in state/transition table editor.

Text editor

For the moment only a very simple text editor is available for writing directly VHDL source files. The editor highlights such basic lexical elements of the source code like comments and keywords.

Waveform editor for stimuli definition (or simple behaviors)

A waveform editor is meant to facilitate creating test stimuli for simulation of the model. It may be used also for defining simple generators. The user may simply draw the waveforms, define them in a tabular form or as a regular expressions. The monitoring features will be added in the near future.

Help system

The help system is meant to help users learning VHDL and adopting the HDL-based design methodology. It should also facilitate using our toolset. Therefore it has been structured into three groups of information:

· brief discussion of VHDL syntax and semantics,

· hints for modeling style, illustrated with examples,

· explanation of the functionality of available tools.

We used all the power of MS-Windows HELP system facilities, providing multiple methods for accessing the help information. The help topics may be accessed through hierarchical contents table, through context-sensitive calls and through hypertext-like links between topics. Moreover, several browsing sequences are defined to enable users an in-depth studying of certain subjects. Each of them groups in a logical order several topics containing information related to a given modeling problem that designer may face.

Code generation

Based on graphical specification the Sidekick generates synthesizable VHDL source code along with scripts for controling simulator (the system is interfaced to V/System from Model Technology).

VHDL model writing

Writing of VHDL models is another area of potential activity of our company in the area of EDA. Lack of internal market for this kind of services in Poland blocks its development however. Nevertheless in order to prove our competences in this area and possibly develop international cooperation the following development efforts has been undertaken:

· development of a small library of most popular PLDs (like 22V10);

· development of a large memory model (with dynamic allocation of used memory areas);

· development of microcontroller simulation models:

- bus functional model of Dallas 80320 and

- instruction set level model of 8051 microcontroller.

These models will be presented during the Industrial Day in Vienna.

Future plans for development directions include:

synthesizable microprocessor models (8-bit microcontrollers and simple DSP core)

a small VITAL compliant library.

FPGA/ASIC design activity

The company has just started offering the services in FPGA design. At the moment these services are intended to complement EDA tools distribution activity on the Polish market. It was found out that there was much more potential users of FPGAs than customers for FPGA design tools, which are often prohibitively priced for small private companies in Poland. For companies interested in having their first FPGA design accomplished it is simply more cost effective to subcontract the design rather than invest in design tools.

Cooperation possibilities

VHDL Modeller's Sidekick falls into category of Electronic System Design Automation tools which form a fast developing segment of EDA tools market. Its price performance characteristics make it an excellent choice for all designers interested in adopting modern design methodologies at low cost. We look for companies interested in distributing this tool in their countries.

Moreover, Evatronix looks for partners interested in services we may offer. We created a sound infrastructure for realizing many tasks related to EDA tools and systems. We may subcontract:

development of software interfaces necessary for making EDA tools work together,

schematic symbol library development as well as footprint library development for pcb design systems,

VHDL model writing.

In the near future we are going also to offer services in FPGA design and microcontroller-based printed circuit board design.


Wojtek Sakowski, VP Sales
WPP evatronix, Sp. z O.O.
P.O. Box 174, ul. 1-go Maja 8
43-300 Bielsko-Biala, POLAND
phone: +48 30 225-96
fax: +48 30 210-50 or 236-26

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