What was BENEFIT ?

The BENEFIT project was established as a concerted action of the COPERNICUS programme in 1995. Since its creation a number of brilliant events, being specialized workshops, summer schools or specific to Benefit - Special Days on Pan-European Cooperation, were performed.

The technical actions of BENEFIT covered topics in design methodologies of microelectronics and signal processing.

The mission of the project was to promote and stimulate European collaboration among research groups from Central and East European (CEE) countries and those from the European Union in the fields mentioned above. In more general terms, BENEFIT intended to contribute to building an awareness about the possibilities and challenges being brought by new information and communication technologies to the "collaboration" domain.

What BENEFIT has done ?

A series of high quality scientific and technical events stimulating pan-European collaboration: Smolenice/Vienna95, Prague96, Zakopane95/96/97, Berlin96, Budapest97, Florence97.
During its operation it was the recognized forum for the discussion about the problems in collaboration in research (Special Days): Smolenice95, Zakopane96, Budapest97 and the place to discuss technology transfer problems and examples (Industrial Days): Vienna96.
Promoted technical means essential in collaborative multinational projects: standards, Internet-based project infrastructures:Prague96, Florence97.
The project had a courage to experiment with different forms of activities supporting its mission: workshops, summer schools, special days, industrial days, technology brokerage.
Has prepared the BENEFIT Special Report on pan-European collaboration.

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